About Us

Innovation, efficiency, and cutting edge technology are the main features that concentrate our products, generating in our customers results that achieve an interior and exterior welfare. Discover Tegoder Cosmetics, TDC Clinik, Lavigor and ONC Dermology, four product ranges that you can be applied or recommend by a specialist for a radiant look while taking caring for your skin and your health in a natural way.


Promote and dignify natural medicine through the distribution of our products, meeting the needs of our customers offering products and services with optimum quality which allows us to prosper as a business, contribute to the development of new markets in the area of health and beauty and thus provide our shareholders with a reasonablereturn on their investment.


Promote within each company of the medical and aesthetic area a culture of responsibility that involves and integrates its staff and its clients in health and beauty programs. Giving customers and consumers of medium and large companies, a business option, using a model of closeness to the customer that will build long-term relationships, based on trust, quality in service and excellence that distinguishes us from the competition.


Professional ethics
Spirit of Service