According to a report presented, agave, a component found in the tequila plant, could provide protection against osteoporosis, by stimulating the absorption of calcium by the body. These therapeutic properties of agave are due to fructans, non-digestible carbohydrates composed of fructose molecules that bind in chains. Artichokes, garlic, onions and endive also contain them; not so the drink also known as tequila, since fructans are transformed into alcohol during the production process.

The study that reached these conclusions was made by a team from the National Polytechnic Institute of Guanajuato, Mexico, when testing the effects of agave fructans in laboratory mice. The rodents that consumed them absorbed more calcium from the food, excreted less calcium in their feces and showed a 50 percent increase in the levels of a protein associated with the formation of new bone tissue.

According to the Doctor in Research and responsible for presenting the study, the results indicate that supplementation of a typical diet with fructans of agave would prevent bone loss and improve bone formation, which highlights its important role in maintaining health Of bones.

He also indicated that fructans are considered functional foods, since they act on certain bodily processes, so that they improve health and reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases. Different studies have shown that they can be beneficial in cases of diabetes, obesity, stimulation of the immune system or reduction of the risk of colon cancer.

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