In middle ages, calcium seems to fulfill a double function; On the one hand, increase bone strength, on the other, avoid weight gain. A study conducted in the United States indicates that calcium supplements seem to have a greater impact on weight maintenance and even contribute to its decline, benefiting women more than men.

The study followed 10,000 men and women around 55 years of age for a period of 8 to 10. Dietary calcium and supplemental calcium intake, as well as total calcium intake, were studied and analyzed and then compared with the loss or gain of weight throughout the study period. Previous research had examined a similar relationship, but focusing on the relationships between weight calcium and weight, rather than supplements.

The study pointed out that women who received calcium supplements tended to experience some weight loss, so it seems to be demonstrated some evidence regarding the beneficial influence of calcium supplements on reducing weight gain, especially among women who they are approaching middle age.

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