Until now, pharmacological studies on Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) had focused on its sedative, anxiolytic and 
anticonvulsant effects on the central nervous system. From these data, researchers set out to evaluate the long-term 
action of its administration at neurochemical and behavioral level, for which they provided different doses of an extract 
of this plant to male rats for seven weeks, after which they performed the relevant tests .

The scientists found that the anxiety was reduced, and there were improvements based on the dose at the level of memory 
in those rodents that had been administered passionflower, compared to those who were part of the control group. 
They also observed that other variables related to the nervous system evolved positively, so, they concluded, their study 
demonstrates the beneficial action of passionflower at the level of anxiety, memory and certain neurotransmitters.

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