The jara is a plant that grows in the Mediterranean area with more than recommended properties at a therapeutic level. Its more habitual use has been like reinforcement of the immune system, although recent studies come to influence in that its applications can go further. Research has shown through the use of extracts of jara that the polyphenolic compounds present in them have a biologically relevant effectiveness in the case of treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy, a condition consisting of abnormal enlargement of the prostate, characteristic of male maturity.

A jara extract was also studied by a team, and their results could not be more conclusive. The polyphenolic compounds of the plant, its main constituents, with an outstanding antioxidant action, had excellent properties in the treatment of patients with upper respiratory tract infection. For this, they designed a clinical study whose purpose was to compare the results obtained between patients treated with an extract of Cistus incanus, scientific name of the jar, or placebo. There was a significant decrease in symptoms throughout the treatment in those treated with the extract, whereas placebo treatment did not result in such a marked decrease in symptoms. These findings led researchers to highlight the suitability of the drug in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases such as seasonal flu or even influenza A.

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