The first references on record dating back to the period of the orchid from 1000 to 600 B.C., and are located in China. Refer to primitive species of Cymbidium, which are described as “Lan,” a term now used to refer to men of a higher level or the particularly elegant and refined women.

Of classical Greece is its name, which comes from the term “orquis” (testicle), which is due to the shape of the tuber. By analogy, they were attributed aphrodisiac virtues. Theophrastus, around 300 B.C., reveals the early writings about his medicinal use in your manuscript Inquiries about plants.

In the Americas, the first mention of them is in the Badianus Codex, an Aztec manuscript of the second half of the sixteenth century, the work of two Mexican Indians. In it the vanilla variety, which was produced with the “Tlilxochitl” a preparation used as perfume, spice or medicinal purposes described.

The R + D + i of TEGODER COSMETICS has developed Gold Orchid, combining four different types of biosavia orchid, which gives this line a powerful action against free radicals, one of the main causes of premature aging skin, by glycation. Precisely to respond to this great skin threat has been one of the leaders in developing the Gold Orchid.

Or glycation nonenzymatic glycation is a phenomenon produced inside the fibroblasts of the dermis, inducing skin aging. Occurs through a complex reaction, known as Maillard reaction in that sugars, especially reducing as glucose, lactose, fructose and maltose, adhere to proteins such as collagen, elastin and reticulin, so that fibers such dehydrate and harden, increasing the rigidity, elasticity and decreasing, thereby causing wrinkling. Likewise, glycation also reduces the enzymatic activity, essential for proper functionality of the skin, and is in close relationship with free radicals.
Free radicals in the skin are very unstable substances, caused by factors such as solar radiation, stress, pollution, snuff or inadequate nutrition, among others. Start chain reactions that damage DNA or cellular organelles and membranes, which also affects the aging skin.
Faced with this undeniable risk for skin, orchid molecular extract strengthens the natural protection of the basement membrane, resulting in a smooth functioning of the cells of both the dermis and the epidermis. Also it means a reinforcement for performing the functions of epidermal regeneration, protection and repair of damaged DNA, which promotes the activity of longevity genes. This provides a barrier against glycation and an undoubted brake for cell death.

It should be noted that the orchid is the only flower with the ability to stay up to three months with fresh petals, which is possible thanks to its antioxidant properties that neutralize free radicals and therefore reduce and prevent glycation. Among the active ingredients of orchid responsible for their beneficial action for the skin carbohydrates and mucilage, which give moisturizing effect, they are while its antioxidant properties comes from the hand of phenolic acids, chlorogenic, flavonoids, as routine, and anthocyanins.

Therefore, we can say that Gold Orchid TEGODER COSMETICS is a unique treatment in the market.

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