Densefirm Pack

Densefirm Cream: phytoestrogens, collagen and elastinn biopeptides, galactoarabinan and organic silicon.

Densefirm Complex: phytoestrogens, collagen and elastin biopeptides, galactoarabinan and Centella asiatica stem cells.

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Overall body treatment, which treats flaccidity and sagging, consisting of Densefirm Cream and Densefirm Complex, whose double action provides a firm skin with high supporting ability.

It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, balances the transepidermal water level, and regulates the estrogen reduction directly associated to the loss of density and firmness of the skin.

Personal use

Presentation: 6,76 Fl. Oz.+5,05 Fl. Oz. – 200+150 ml


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