Lipoglausonic Pack

Lipoglaucin™, L-carnitine, papain, bitter orange, theine, bio-conductive agent.

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Complete treatment for daily use, including Lipoglaucin™ Crema and Lipoglaucin™ Concentrado, which induces lipolysis, combats cellulite and inhibits the apparition of new adipocytes. Its concentration in actives has been increased and reinforced with an extra natural supply of glaucine in order to achieve an ultrasound-like effect, with the purpose of increasing its lipolytic effect and provide a higher firming power.

Contains a neuropeptide for lipolysis induction, a multifunctional molecule that inhibits the apparition of adipocytes, hirundine, a substance from the saliva of medicinal leech, with depurative and draining effect, and glaucine, which increases fat fluidity, and facilitates its elimination, providing a real cosmetic cavitation effect.

Personal use

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