ONC Dermology Baobab Seed Oil

Baobab oil, mango and avocado extracts, rosehips, jojoba, olive and grape seed oils, bisabolol and vitamins E and F.

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Integral (face, body and hair) oil with intensive action and easy assimilation, which does not clog pores. Suitable for strengthening the beneficial properties of other ONC DERMOLOGY products, by adding some drops to each of them or applying it directly in cases of severe skin disorders. It is also used to prevent palmoplantar erythema (peeling of hands and feet), to reduce the tingling and cramping sensation, as well as to be applied and improve the appearance of the cuticles, nails and even hair. It includes rosehip (highly repairing) and bisabolol, which softens, calms and reduces redness.

Personal use

Presentation: 1,69 Fl. Oz. – 50 ml


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