Regenhial Crema

PURE Hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) at 1%, AH-49 (acetyl hexapeptide-49), liquorice extract, urea, vitamins E and F

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Highly moisturising, regenerating, emollient and soothing cream for topical use based on hyaluronic acid (sodium salt) at 1% PURE, AH-49 (acetyl hexapeptide-49), liquorice extract, urea and vitamins E and F.

It restores the barrier function, avoids the transepidermal water loss (TWL), promotes cell renewal, protects against the aggressions of free radicals and allergens, soothes, softens and reduces the neurogenic inflammation and the itching associated to it.

Personal use.

Contents1,69 Fl. Oz. – 50 ml


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