This rich valuable spice in the kitchen is also prominent in natural medicine. Of Asian origin, it is also grown in other hot and humid countries like India, Brazil, China, Madagascar or Seychelles. With a great contribution of minerals, vitamins B and C, cinnamon has multiple properties:

Reduces stomach swelling
If you suffer from slow digestion and feel that your stomach is about to explode, we recommend that you consume cinnamon tea after meals. It will help prevent stomach upset and reduce inflammation.

Balances glucose
Consuming this spice on an empty stomach and after eating reduces blood sugar levels. Its major compounds stimulate insulin receptors and inhibit the enzyme that inactivates them.

Reduces respiratory problems
Adding a little cinnamon to a ginger tea will reduce fever and cough and you will feel more excited. This spice has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help you in these situations.

Lose weight
If you are dieting to lose weight do not hesitate to add cinnamon to your shakes, herbal teas and juices. By quenching your appetite and giving a sweet touch to the drinks you will avoid binge-eating chocolate and other similar products.

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