A joint study in which researchers have taken part has revealed that the polyphenols found in strawberries can reduce the damage produced by alcohol on the stomach.

According to the researchers, strawberry extract showed an important gastroprotective effect against gastric damage induced by ethanol, probably related to its content in anthocyanins and its ability to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane, reduce lipid peroxidation mediated by radicals free and preserve and / or activate endogenous antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT).

In line with these findings, the authors indicated that, given the potential demonstrated by strawberry extracts, its use could be considered in the prevention and possible treatment of sub-acute or chronic stomach lesions.

In the study, the researchers administered ethanol to laboratory rats, noting that the membrane of the stomach mucosa of those rodents that had previously ingested strawberry extract suffered minor damage.

The authors also found a significant correlation between the total content of anthocyanins and the percentage of inhibition with respect to the index of ulceration, suggest that the consumption of strawberries during or after the pathology could reduce the damage produced on the membrane of the stomach mucosa. Likewise, the fact that the study was not conceived to discover a way to mitigate the effects of a drunkenness, but also as a way to discover molecules in the stomach membrane that protect against the harmful effects of different agents, was also highlighted.

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